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Jul 3, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. this morning on cnn, d.c. mayor gray said that is not going to fly with him or with pepco -- rate payers. >> this has to be put in context. this is not the first time. this has happened repeatedly. we've had power outage after power outage in the district of columbia and frankly the people are just fed up with it. fed up with it. >> when we last checked pepco had more than 20,000 d.c. customers without power following friday's storms. >>> tenants living in one high- rise in fairfax say that they just can't take it anymore. we're talking about the circle towers located on lee highway. residents living there have been without power now for four days. >> it's a living hell. it's like the most -- terrible days of my life. we lost power -- without power, i have 2-month-old kid and he is crying the whole time and i don't know what to do. >> i go to the safeway for the power output and charge mine and the starbucks for the free wi-fi. >> so far there is no word on when the power will be restored. about 450 families live at circle towers. >>> this is turning into an international effort to get t
Jul 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >>> in campaign 2012 news tonight, some interesting presidential polling numbers. according to cnn's poll of polls, president bedroom holds a lead over mitt romney in the popular vote; but as the 2008 election told us you have to -- considered up for grabs. >>> the president is on a two- day bus trip through two states seen as critical to his reelection, ohio and philadelphia. mitt romney's campaign has put louisiana governor bobby jindal and louisiana governor tim plenty on their own bus to shadow the president every mile of the way. >> i want goods shipped around the world stamp with "made in america." >> reporter: back rack has been in nearly four years. >> tomorrow the president's bus heads to philadelphia. the republican bus will be right behind him. >>> the neighborhood watch volunteer who killed a teenager could soon go free once again while awaiting trial. today a judge set bond for george zimmerman, this time at a million bucks. back in april, the judge released zimmerman on $150,000 bond, but revoked that after he learned simerman misled the court about his finances. zimmerman is charge
Jul 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
to talk about his private life, cnn anchor anderson cooper says he's gay. cooper said he kept his sexuality private for professional reasons but wanted to stand up against gay bullying. in an online letter, cooper said "th fact is, i'm gay, always have been and always will be, and i couldn't be any more happy, comfortable with myself and proud." cooper made the statement in response to an "entertainment weekly" article about gay public figures. >>> enjoy that cup of coffee. it could lower your risk of developing skin cancer. a study found the more caffeinated coffee people drink, the lower their risk of developing basal cell carcinoma. research years say the caffeine from tea and chocolate could also decrease the skin cancer risk, but they say keep using sunscreen. >>> in england, an olympic-size prank, almost. two kids tried to steal the olympic torch as it was being run through coventry on its way to the games, but as you can see, a torchbearer grabbed it back. the boys were not arrested. where were their parents is what i ask? >>> coming up on "cbs morning news," some travel ti
Jul 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
reporting it. during an e-mail released yesterday, the cnn host and "60 minutes" contributing correspondent revealed he's gay. as john blackstone reports, the real news may be how muted the reaction has been, unlike some other announcements in the past. >> i'm gay.& >> reporter: it was just 15 years ago when ellen degeneres made the cover of "time" magazine by uttering three simple words, "yep, i'm gay." was a groundbreaking, national news event and a big risk. >> ellen coming out for ellen meant that she was going to possibly lose her career. >> reporter: ellen's announcement led to an evolution, not a revolution, in stars coming out. some were forced, like musician george michael, after his arrest for lewd behavior in 1998. actor shawn hayes played a gay man on "will & grace" for eight seasons but didn't talk about his own homosexuality until after the show ended. increasingly, coming out is losing its shock value. >> by the way, i'm gay, as opposed to, yep, i'm gay, is absolutely the kind of new way of coming out. >> reporter: anderson cooper made his revelation in a matter-of-fact lette
Jul 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
politicians. d.c. mayor blasted the power company this morning on cnn and thomas graham responded. >> the answer we have gotten is that the power will have 90% of the people who are out restored by friday. this has to be put in context. this is not the first time. this happened repeatedly. we had power outage after power outage. frankly the people are fed up with it. >> mother nature isn't something i can control. you can't control the storm, can't control the damage that takes place to our system. can't control the mature trees that crash down on the infrastructure on homes and cars. what we can control is our response. to the extent that we could be prepared, we were prepared. to the extent we can get resources, we have. we have over 2700 personnel working on the restoration for our customers on a 24 hour basis. >> mayor gray is among the local leaders calling for pepco to move underground and will be joined by tommy graham coming up at 6:00. >>> if you think you are frustrated with the power companies, try talking to a silver spring man who says pepco set his cars on fire an
Jul 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
dollars for stand up to cancer. that's mastercard. that's priceless. >> pelley: now, cnn's anderson cooper on assignment for "60 minutes." >> cooper: next week, michael phelps will climb onto the startng blocks for his final races at the summer olympics in london. when we first interviewed him on "60 minutes" in the fall of 2008, he had just made history, winning eight gold medals at the beijing olympics. phelps was riding a worldwide wave of awe and popularity. it seemed there was nothing left to accomplish. so why continue swimming? phelps has often wondered the same thing over the last three years. as we reported in may, it's been the most difficult period of his career. he was photographed at a party with a marijuana pipe, and it may surprise you to hear that his passion for swimming seemed to have faded. but now, as he approaches the last lap of his career, with another olympics in sight, michael phelps is once again training hard, once again ready to make history. it's 6:20 on a saturday morning in march. virtually alone on the streets of his native baltimore, a groggy michael phelps
Jul 29, 2012 10:30am EDT
is the cnn contributor. she won the pulitzer prize for her work for the "harrisburg patriot news" on the sandusky scandal. sara, you are how old? >> 24. >> schieffer: and you've already got a pulitzer. all right. >> schieffer: bill rhoden is a columnist for the "new york times." and buzz bissinger who wrote "friday night lights," and james brown and jim roam, both of course of cbs sports. jim, i have to talk to you, you heard the president. what struck you here? what are the questions we need to be asking now? >> i think the situation about the money and how they're going to pay, not just for the fine that the n.c.a.a. imposed, but the lawsuits that are inevitably going to come, the millions that they're already spending and will continue to spend on crisis management. how will they ensure that this doesn't come from the three key areas -- from tuition money, from taxpayer money, and from donations from people who give to penn state because they went to school there or enjoy the program? and the interesting thing about penn state is that, unlike many state schools, it's what we c
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)